How We Sold 2 Homes in 11 Days: Finding Robyn & Steve Their Dream Property

Jordan Stephens Real Estate Team
Published on April 29, 2019

How We Sold 2 Homes in 11 Days: Finding Robyn & Steve Their Dream Property

It didn’t take long for Robyn and Steve to decide on their perfect home. They were excited to move in, but there was one problem: they needed to sell both of their homes before they could purchase a new one.  

Robyn reached out to our team to find a home that satisfied both her and Steve’s needs so that their families could move in together. Since Robyn knew this wasn’t going to be an easy task, she knew she wanted to use a professional, reputable team that she could trust. We quickly found them a property that both of their families loved, and their offer was accepted! However, the offer was conditional, which means we had to work fast.

If Robyn’s home didn’t sell before someone else made an offer on the property, they might have lost their chance to close the deal. We didn’t want Robyn and Steve to miss out on their dream home, so we developed personalized marketing and pricing strategies for Robyn. The clock started ticking, and within 10 days of her home being on the market, we received an offer. Robyn’s home was officially sold! Next, we had to implement a marketing strategy for Steve’s home that would result in the same success.

We used our experience in social media marketing to promote Steve’s home and prepare a “Coming Soon” teaser that we posted on Facebook. Within just 24 hours, a buyer and her agent came across our ad and then made an offer that Steve accepted. With both homes sold, Robyn and Steve were able to purchase their ideal home!

Robyn and Steve’s situation was unique, and our team put all of our effort toward making it a seamless process for them. We’re delighted that Robyn and Steve didn’t miss out on the opportunity for their families to live together in a home they loved, and we hope to provide an experience this positive for all of our clients ♥️

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