List It, Love It, Sell It!

Jordan Stephens Real Estate Team
Published on November 17, 2017

List It, Love It, Sell It!

How We Sell More Homes Like Yours

We sell more homes like yours to our clients each and every day. How do we do it? Our seller-focused approach ensures you’ll fall in love with your real estate listing just as much as any prospective home buyer who lands on it. If you don’t love it, we don’t list it – and when you love it, your home gets sold!

It’s a simple formula that has allowed us to consistently sell more homes than the industry average. Over 7 times more homes in fact, according to MLS transaction data in 2016.

Through our dedication to innovation, your home is not only more likely to get sold with us, we will get your home sold faster than other realtors. Our one-of-a-kind methods for marketing homes drives up to 1000% more views on our website compared to

What does that mean for you? Once the listing you love goes live, your home will get sold up to 25 days faster than other homes in the Sudbury market. We average a selling time of 68 days versus the industry average of 93 days*

Below is a real example of one of our listings featured on our website compared to – On our website the listing had 4,819 views compared to at only 248 views

A Whole Team For the Price of One Agent

Our exceptional track record would not be possible without teamwork. When you work with us you’re working with a full team of professionals, not a single agent trying to balance multiple tasks and dozens of clients.

With individual people specializing in different service areas, you can be assured you’re getting the highest level of service. We have people specializing in different service areas such as buyer’s agents, marketing, customer service, and administration. Better yet, there’s no added cost for you. Hire a whole team for the price of one agent!

Online Presence
The difference between us and other realtors is our relentless online presence. With 98% of home buyers now finding their homes online, that’s where we focus our efforts. In addition to a gorgeous listing on our site that’s optimized for all devices, your page will be promoted as if we were selling our own home.

While other realtors may promise to advertise your listing on the web, their approach is to set it and forget it. Not to mention you’ll end up with the same generic web page everyone else gets on sites like That means your listing will be uninspiring and generally go unnoticed.

Our approach is consistent promotion and custom design. Listing homes on our own website allows for more flexibility in how the pages are created. Your listing will be like none other – which means more views, more time spent on your listing, more leads, and more potential buyers.

Professional Photography
Today’s buyers expect to see photos, and lots of them. With no shortage of listings for buyers to choose from, it’s paramount that your listing stands out from the rest. We’re not photographers, and we don’t try to be. We stick to what we do best, which is selling homes. However, a major factor when it comes to selling homes is being able to capture the beauty in and around the residence.

In order to accomplish that we enlist the services of a professional photographer, leaving you with magnificent photos to showcase your home. Photos galleries will be displayed on your listing, as well as our social media and email marketing campaigns. From there, it’s likely they’ll be shared with others. Who doesn’t love looking at, and sharing pictures of their future dream home?

The visual presentation doesn’t end there. We utilize cutting-edge technology to display your home from every angle. Here is a real example below of a listing that failed to sell then our team listed the property and brought it back to life.

Drone Video
With computers, tablets, and smartphones all being capable of displaying stunning HD video, there’s more video content being viewed and shared on the web than ever. However, we believe you need more than just a run-of-the-mill HD video to capture buyers’ attention these days. You need to offer something they’ve never seen before.

Provide a different perspective on your home with drone video. Turn your listing into a true cinematic experience with a bird’s eye view of your property that can be captured from inside and outside your home.

Search Engine Dominance
Listings that don’t rank, don’t sell. If your home can’t be found online, how is it going to get sold? With a dedicated page for your listing on our website, you can expect far more exposure than just being listed on

Our team obsessively monitors website traffic to see exactly where visitors are coming from, which listings they’re viewing, how much time they spend viewing each listing, and more. You can expect a detailed analysis of traffic statistics throughout the home buying process.

Social Media & Email Marketing
Get the word out about your listing with our social media and email campaigns that reach between 60,000 to 80,000 people every single month. Exceptional content gets shared, and one look at your listing will inspire buyers to share it with their friends and family on social media.

In addition, we have a targeted list of email subscribers who are ready to buy. The minute your home gets listed, an email blast goes out to our database of potential buyers. Our list currently sits at 3500+ subscribers, with hundreds more being added every month.

We Bring the Hype
There will be buzz around your listing before it even goes live. While we’re preparing and photographing your home, we will create a custom landing page to advertise your home ahead of time. This tactic has proven to create excitement and a sense of urgency for potential home buyers as they wait for your home to hit the market. Get thousands of visitors and dozens of leads well before your complete listing is published.

So if you’re thinking about Selling we would love to meet with you over coffee and show you how we effectively sell more homes and provide you with the marketing your home deserves. Drop us a line or visit here for a FREE  Home Evaluation

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