Closing 2 Deals in 2 Weeks: Tracy & Ryan’s Story

Jordan Stephens Real Estate Team
Published on October 8, 2019

Closing 2 Deals in 2 Weeks: Tracy & Ryan’s Story

We first met Tracy and Ryan five years ago when they reached out to our team as first-time homebuyers. After a successful first meeting where we went over the home buying process, we soon found them an affordable house that fit their needs. But after having their first child and another on the way, Tracy and Ryan decided it was time for a change: they needed a new home that would accommodate their growing family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Tracy and Ryan contacted us again and let us know that they were ready to start searching for their second home, and we were happy to help. We first met with them to discuss a pricing strategy and brainstorm ways that they could maximize the value of their home before it hit the market. With a customized marketing plan in place, a month later, we listed their property. Within just 7 days, Tracy and Ryan accepted an offer! 🚀🚀

Now, it was time to start hunting for their second home 🔍🏡 But we had to move fast; Ryan and Tracy didn’t want to ruin their deal by having to make the offer conditional upon them finding a new home, so they as of now they were homeless with not having another home lined up! With only four weeks left, the clock was ticking ⏱️ We worked tirelessly and scoured MLS and other sites daily, searching for a home that they would love. After 2 weeks, we found a property that we knew was a perfect fit for them ❤️

Despite the time crunch, Tracy and Ryan were able to close the deal and sell their first house, and move into a lifelong home that is comfortable for their family. We are thrilled that we got to help Tracy and Ryan again, and we’d like to thank them for becoming such loyal clients. We wish them all the best in their new home!

“Jordan helped us buy our first home 5 years ago and now he and Alex have helped us sell it quickly and find our new forever home. His dedication to meeting the needs of his clients is second to none and with the help of his awesome team, they made buying and selling a breeze! Thanks for everything, Jordan!”

Tracy & Ryan Skanes

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