We’re Hiring!

Jordan Stephens Real Estate Team
Published on November 25, 2017

We’re Hiring!

Attention Sudbury real estate agents! Award-winning real estate team seeking energetic sales partner to grow our successful team. We have an overflow of serious prospects looking to buy homes! Make more money and have a fulfilling life!

We provide:

-Sales training to succeed in the competitive real estate industry

-Qualified leads!!! No cold calling random internet leads. We have a full team of ISA’s (Inside Sales Agents) that call and pre-qualify all leads so the time you get the lead they’re already warm and ready to buy!

-Tools to nurture leads and advanced CRM system to keep up to date on your leads so nobody falls through the cracks.

How would you like to be receiving daily leads like this!!So if you’re thinking about a change and want to join a technology driven real estate team that enables you to sell more homes efficiently and have a great quality life, give us a call or drop us a line! 


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